About Direct First Aid

Hi, I'm Mark Collins.

Providing first aid supply service to businesses isn’t something new.

I didn’t invent it. Direct First Aid & Safety didn’t come up with the idea.

Long ago, companies realized that by having first aid supplies on-hand, stocked, in readily accessible first aid stations, they could keep OTHER costs down. Workers’ compensation costs. Soft costs tied to decreased productivity. It makes sense. And it was a great, low-key part of the business that could be easily outsourced. So a lot of independent companies sprouted to provide that service.

Then along came OSHA and their rules in 1970.

And you HAD to have first aid supplies on-site. It went from “good business idea” to 1910.151(a), among many others.

And companies offering supplies flourished. They’d come in every month, see what you were getting low on, restock it, leave an invoice for you, and take off.

I started working in the industry in the early 1990s for a family-run business in Kansas City. We did things the right way. We took care of customers and trained their employees. I loved it.

But competitors in the industry got greedy and gave us all a bad name.

Those supplies in the first aid cabinets and kits? Instead of leaving you with 15 of this and 25 of that, you got restocked whether you really needed to be or not (what – you didn’t know you needed 150 of these or those?). Commissioned salespeople and greedy companies nearly ruined the business of providing first aid supplies, safety equipment, and even first aid and CPR training.

But we want to change that.

Our Service Commitment

When we service first aid cabinets, we stock the cabinets with what you need and want. We don’t stock the cabinet with as much product as we can fit. We make recommendations on what you should have. We collaborate with you. You make the final call.

When we manage your account, we get to know your expectations and how you like to work with vendors. And we are personally involved throughout the entire process. No endless turnover of salespeople we’ve got to educate on how to work with you.

Fair pricing. Ethical business practices. Sensible first aid replenishment and safety supplies. Solid employee first aid training.

That’s what you’ll get from Direct First Aid & Safety.

Give us a ring at (801) 682-0766 or fill in our contact form and we’ll swing by to do a comprehensive analysis of your facility, provide a full price quote, and turn in as many customer references as you need. Let’s get started!