Remember basic first aid skills with your smartphone

American Red Cross iPhone AppWorried about remembering how to treat a second-degree burn, or a sprained ankle, or some other minor injury?

Of course, there’s an app for that!

Available for both the iPhone and the Androidline of phones, the American Red Cross has published a high-quality first aid app that includes simple steps and brief videos you can use to refresh your skills.

We’ve played around with the iPhone version a little bit and, well, it’s awesome. And it’s free.

But despite the name brand recognition of the American Red Cross, there are others who have created extremely helpful first aid apps:

The American Heart Association app at $1.99. Why the Red Cross is willing to invest in creating a free app (that beats all of these) while the American Heart Association wants to charge $1.99 is beyond us, but this is a well-rated app.

The Army First Aid app at $1.99. Not put out by the US Army, but it’s complete with to-the-point content, sketches, and images. Really good app here, too.

The Drops First Aid app at $1.99. This app works more like a flow chart when you’re reviewing what to do. But again, good graphics and concise content. Maybe not quite as a clean of a look-and-feel to it, but still a good app.

Arm your company’s smartphone-wielding first responders with just one more tool to be prepared to respond with sound skills. Get going with one of these apps!

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