First Aid Service

Efficient, Professional Service

We believe in:

  • A comprehensive site survey to assess hazardous conditions and company needs
  • Working only with your approved personnel when re-stocking decisions must be made
  • Replenishment visits on a pre-determined schedule; we work with you to establish the right routine
  • A pre-approved list of items that each first aid station must have
  • Diligently sticking to your budget
  • Making recommendations on new products or services only when they are relevant
  • Clear invoices that indicate what you bought and each item’s unit quantity
  • Fair pricing

We believe in 100% client satisfaction. You will never again feel uneasy about your stocking levels, your budget, or whether you have the right items on-hand.

What Good Service Looks Like

Direct First AidThis is what a proper, organized station looks like. 

The first aid station is cleaned every visit.

Items are organized in a logical, readable fashion.

Only agreed-upon first aid essentials in the right quantities are found. 

If your first aid stations don’t look like this, let’s talk.