Should I provide pain relief tablets for my employees?

We get this question a lot, so why not address it publicly with some data and research!

Of all the products we sell — whether it’s first aid, safety, or even our first aid and CPR training, there are two categories that immediately impact your employees’ productivity in a practical, day-in, day-out way.

The first category is our line of first aid supplies, of course. But the second one you might not have thought of: our full line of comfort and pain-relief tablets.

The first aid items are obvious, but how do tablets help with productivity?

What the Research Says

study published in the Journal of American Medical Association a few years back determined that 13% of the entire workforce experiences lost productivity time during the course of any given, two-week period, due to a common pain condition.

In that two-week period, workers who lost time due to a pain condition lost an average of 4.6 hours per week.

Pain Relief Tablets | Direct First Aid & SafetyHeadaches (5.4%) and back pain (2.3%) lead the way in costing lost productivity, followed by arthritis pain (2.0%) and other musculoskeletal pain (2.0).

Great you say, very impressive statistics. But what does it mean to me?

Lost productivity = lost profits. Or as the conclusion from their study pointed out: “Pain is an inordinately common and disabling condition in the US workforce. Most of the pain-related lost productive time occurs while employees are at work and is in the form of reduced performance.”

How Much is This Actually Costing You?

Let’s take a fictitious company of 50 people, all paid $15 per hour. Those 4.6 hours lost over a two-week period for an employee suffering = $69 per week in lost productivity. Remember, 13% of the workforce loses time due to these pain conditions every week, so that’s $448.50 per week, or $1,928 per month, or a whopping $23,322 per year!

So what can you do about it? For that one suffering employee, all it would cost is $0.20 per packet of 2 tablets. With a company of 50 people the monthly usage would be around $75. Another way to look at this is about $75 to save $1,928.

Seriously, people. Let’s invest a little in our employees! A small investment goes a long ways.

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